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We noticed that this site is called Factory Direct.. what is that? are you factory or agents?
Smart-Factory-Direct is a complete solution supplier for smart Building Automation installers needs.

As we have 6600 Distributors, dealers and installers in our network, we can create our own huge volumes that satisfy any factory always.

We use the power of the group to get best possible volume prices from factory so only our Network Members can Benefit and get stronger.

We can be called your Commercial and Logistics Department if you are smart-Group Member. We also Develop Ideas from our 24 Years harvested experience and we request factories to produce to our network especially.

We are you, for you, and one of you.

Are you Part of Smarthome?
we are Part of smarthome, digitcom As (( Smart-Group ))

The smart Group consist of many Departments like:
Smart-HDL High Definition Living
Smart-FDL Fine digital Living
Cool Sunseeker
Smart-LDS Lifestyle Digital Systems
and many More...

What is the Benifits if we buy from your Site compared to Other Smart-Group SItes?
 There are quite some Unique Benefits:

1- The Products on this website consist of Huge selection of OEM and ODM as well as The Smart-Group Manufactured Products.
2- You Can Easielt Track your Order status, AWB or Bill of lading Pickup ++ online
3- You Can Place orders direct in ease online
4- There is no processing Fees Per Minimum Order like other Smart-Group
5- The 10% Dubai Shipping and Customs is Mostly weaved out
6- You Can Benefit from Clearance Products offered from Time to Time
7- All Products will be displayed online and your membership and Password shall give you the best discounted price in different currencies as needed
8- you can select different products that interest you or needed for different projects and later can order them (Memory bank)
9- Online, you can automatically know how much credits you have that you can use or remaining.
10- This website offer Coupons and Gift Vouchers as added rebate for Active Shoppers and Volume Orders.

As Soon as you try the Soon ready website, you will get to love the freebies.

I Have registered To Other smart-Group Websites and I have Special Discount Level, How can I keep it at yours?
 Since you were already part of the Smert-Group Network and you Have registered At Digitcom-Group, smart-HDl or Other, Or if you have taken training coarse in Dubai, China, Germany, Russia, India, Egypt, or Other Training Centers, either of these will qualify you fully to get at least same Discount Slice Level as Earlier or better.

Steps to Keep your Status are Very Simple:
1- Fill up Your data
2- In Comments Space, mention your registration at other Group website or the Date and Place you have taken your training. We also Prefer you to mention your Current Discount Status if you know it, otherwise we shall check in the CRM system for you
3- Enter your Password and username for this new website shopping Factory direct place.
Within 3-48 Hours you should be fully active to test and explore.

I hope this has answered your question in satisfactory way.

Thank you
Can I Pay Using Bank Credit cards at Smart factory Direct?
 Unfortunately you can not use Your credit cards on our Website

This Website is designed mainly for our Network Partners to Help them Logistically.

1- Soon we are Activating Pay Pal Payment.
2- Also Today Like before The dealer is welcome to transfer by TT to our Bank Account
3- Also can Send By Western Union Direct for small swift shipments.
This is Great Technical Website Idea for All Installers Indeed
We like the Idea Of this B2B Website,We think it is a good outlet for Clearing out our Extra stocks. We Noticed that what we need as installers are all offered to us at reasonable Volume Price.

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