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Heat and Gas Detector

Heat and Gas Detector

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Gas Alarm - SS-SS-SD338  Gas Alarm - SS-SS-SD338

Alarm Mode: Flash &Sound Alarm, Shut-Off Gas Valve/Network Alarm Signal

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Ionization / Photoelectric Smoke Detector - SHS-SMK-Ion-Net  Ionization / Photoelectric Smoke Detector - SHS-SMK-Ion-Net

Ceiling Mount, LED Indicator, Wired Network Output, Sensitivity: adapt to U1217 standed (3.2% weak smoke per feet the detector espond)

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Photoelectric Smoke Detector - SHS-SMK-Photo-SA2  Photoelectric Smoke Detector - SHS-SMK-Photo-SA2

Photoelectric Smoke Detector (smoke alarm, fire security product)

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