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HAI PC Access Software for Dealers - 1105W

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HAI PC Access Software for Dealers - 1105W
HAI PC Access Software for Dealers - 1105W
Model No: 1105W 
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PC Access for Dealers was created to help dealers maintain a number of customers. It provides access to certain items that are normally set up by the installer and are not available in PC Access for End Users. It is a must-have for professional installers, as it allows quick programming and file backup for customer support.


PC Access is the Easiest Way to Program your Home Control System

PC Access allows the user to set up, program, and monitor an HAI home control system.

It allows fast and convenient set up of all names, voice, automation programs, security codes, and all other configuration items.

It has Status pages to show the status of all system components, including door and window sensors, lights, appliances, thermostats, expanders, and more.

Automation Programming is accomplished using HAI's Advanced Control Programming. You set up actions to occur when certain triggers occur. For example, you can set up for the porch light to turn on automatically when the front door is opened and the time is after sunset.

PC Access has features to cut/copy/paste groups of programs between files, and a search feature to find a particular group of programs in the program list.

PC Access stores the complete setup of the home control system on the computer's hard disk drive for backup purposes.

PC Access runs on Windows-based computers and can be connected to the HAI controller directly via RS-232 serial port or remotely, using the home control system's Ethernet port or a computer modem.



The software allows the following functions to be performed:
    * Create and maintain system account files
    * Download an account file to a system
    * Upload an account file from a system
    * Print an account file
    * View and modify configuration of a system
    * Create, view, and modify lighting and automation programs
    * View and modify lighting, zone, button, code, and message names
    * View and modify lighting, zone, button, code, and message voice descriptions
    * View status of lighting, zones, temperatures, and other system information
    * Send lighting control, security or mode control, macros (aka buttons), temperature, and message commands to a system
    * View event log
    * Obtain live software updates from the Internet

Product Requirements

    * PC Access will run under the Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista (requires PC Access Version 2.14 or higher) operating systems.
    * Your copy of PC Access must be registered with HAI in order to receive technical support from HAI on this product.

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