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Swing Turnstile (Single Engine) - SS-GG-TS-532A

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Swing Turnstile (Single Engine) - SS-GG-TS-532A
Swing Turnstile (Single Engine) - SS-GG-TS-532A
Model No: SS-GG-TS-532A 
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With automatic self detection and alarm warning functions, convenient for use and maintenance.


Functions & Features:

- Stainless steel case, with nice shape and solid structure
- Water-proof, sun block, high temperature resistance and cold resistance
- Indicate passage status, and provide directional guide
- Can program the control status of turnstile, select multiple working modes, and set uni-directional or bi-directional controlling
- Compatible with reader and writers of IC card, ID card, Magnetic card, bar code card and etc.
- Barrier flap will automatically open when power off, which meets the requirements of fire safety and other emergencies.
- Control board has counting function, and LED digital display function (optional; not standard configuration)
- With standard input & output interface, which is the best option for system integrators.
- With automatic resetting function. When the pole opens, but no one passes within the set time, system will cancel the access privileges of the user in this time, and the pole will automatically close (standard configuration: close in 5 seconds after opening).
- Dual Anti-pinch function (mechanism & induction): when the telescopic boom is blocked during its closing, it will automatically stop, or the machine will stop working during default time, and then return to normal position (the force is small than 2kg).
- Anti strike function: the pole will automatically lock until it receive the open signal.
- With automatic self detection and alarm warning functions, convenient for use and maintenance.

Technical Parameters:

- Structure: frame construction/ stainless steel case (thickness: 1.5mm)
- Production technology: computer digital controlled laser cutting
- Dimension: 1200*1000*300mm
- Weight: 120kg
- Opening time: 0.2 seconds
- Passage speed: 30 person/ minute
- Communication: RS485 (distance ≤ 1200m); TCP/IP
- Power: 50W
- Power supply voltage: AC220±10% V,50HZ
- Driving electric motor: brush-typed DC motor (24V)
- Operating life: three million times
- LED indicator: 2 units
- Card reader windows: 2 units
- Auto resetting time after break down: 10 seconds
- Input interface: dry contact signal or +12V level signal or DV 12V pulse signal of pulse width ≥100ms; drive current ≥10mA
- Working environment: indoor or out door (under overcast shelf)
- Working temperature: -10℃--+50℃
   Relative humidity: ≦90%, non dewing


-Passage management of entrances and exits, such as station, wharf, tourist attractions, factory and etc.
-Passage management of ticket checking, such as exhibition center, gymnasium and etc.
-Attendance and access control management of enterprise and public institution.
-Special entrance control.


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