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DMX512 Dimmer (3KW*12CH) - SSL-DP3000

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DMX512 Dimmer (3KW*12CH) - SSL-DP3000
DMX512 Dimmer (3KW*12CH) - SSL-DP3000
Model No: SSL-DP3000 
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Power module by the United States imported the 65A power silicon chips

Main features:

The national GB/T13582-92, GB/T15734-1995 technical testing standards;
EC CE compliance standards;
Smart fan, cooling effect is good;
High anti-jamming choke according to the British BS800 standard, the current rise time of 220-350us;
Power module by the United States imported the 65A power silicon chips
SCR blocks, strong overload capacity, more than 100 times the impact resistance short circuit;
Integrated circuits using industrial grade, highly anti-jamming capability;
Trigger Accuracy: 1024;
Dimming curve: 10, can be customized to any silicon Road;
Scene backup: 7 games, to ensure that performance never dark field;
Dimming range :0.4-100%;
Preheat :0-20% value is set, custom;
Tracking with automatic voltage compensation;
High sensitivity air switch over-current protection;
Limiting the maximum output, protection of sources;
Scene dimming, custom silicon road of any brightness value.

Main technical parameters

Power supply: three-phase five-wire AC 380V ± 10%, 45-65Hz;
Signal Interface: DMX512 (1990);
Rated Power: 6KW/3KW (Road)

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